There’s lots of parking options on Garth Road. Most buildings have garages, and there’s a FREE permit issued by the Town of Eastchester available to residents and merchants. There is no wait list for the Garth Road Parking Permit. There’s also parking available in the Eastchester and Scarsdale Commuter Parking Lots and in some private facilities.

Most Garth Road buildings have garages.

There is no building with immediate parking, but the shortest waitlist would be found in the Kenilworth (142) and the Garth Essex (230-240-250-260). For these buildings the wait could be a few months to about a year. Garage parking is generally not available to renters. The Northgate (105), The Cragswold (187) and the Scarswold (155) (rental) do not have garages. Buildings that have a garage will usually charge an extra fee for parking typically $75-$100/mo.

The Town of Eastchester operates a parking district for the Garth Road area. Permits are FREE. The parking district includes Garth Road, Grayrock Road, Essex Place, Buckingham Place and the Resident Lot.

The Resident Lot is located behind the wall in the southern end of Grayrock Road. Permits are required 24-hours/day in the resident lot, including Sunday and Holidays. It extends from midway on Grayrock Road all the way down to the Harney Road Bridge. Entrances to the resident lot are located near Essex Place and midway down Grayrock Road. There is also a pedestrian entrance midway on Grayrock Road, between the Garth Essex and Scarsdale Manor. The buildings include the cost to maintain the parking district in the monthly maintenance fees.

Permits are FREE to Garth Road residents and merchants.

If you have any outstanding parking/traffic violations, the permit will not be issued. Permits are to be affixed to the inside of the window closest to the vehicles rear on the driver’s side.

There is no limit to the number of vehicles you can request a permit for, but they must be registered to a Garth Road resident. There is no waitlist for permits, but every year the permits must be renewed in June and the town will verify that the owner is still a resident of Garth Road. The town will require proof of registration, current driver’s license and recent utility bill. Permits are not issued to individuals who have moved off Garth Road. Permits can also be obtained for Garth Road businesses and residents that have regular help like a caregiver.

While the resident lot requires a permit at all times the other areas of the parking district, including Garth Road, Grayrock Road, Essex Place and Buckingham Place require permits from 7am to 9am. About 25 spaces in the north end of Grayrock Road also require permits in the evening after 5pm. In these first 25 spaces a permit is required 5pm to 9am.

For overnight guests the town has set up an automated system that can be reached at 914- 961-3464 and will allow guests to park without a permit. The Town will only allow vehicles to be excused one day at a time, so residents must remember to call in the visitors license plate information every day that they are looking to be excused.

Residents with permits must be mindful to strictly enforced street cleaning rules. The town typically prohibits parking in certain areas on the first Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am to 11am. During this time residents may not park in those areas designated for street cleaning. If a holiday falls on a weekday cleaning rules will be suspended, but watch for signs posted that may require vehicles to be moved on an alternate day. Even if you have a permit you will be ticketed if you do not move your vehicle for street cleaning! There is also street cleaning in the metered sections and it is strictly enforced.

There’s a commuter lot available to residents whether you commute or not.

There is monthly fee to park in the Eastchester Commuter lot, and permits are sold on a quarterly, semi-annually or yearly basis. The commuter lot is accessed midway down Grayrock Road, and turning left. The resident lot would be to the right. There is also a pedestrian access stairway in the northern part of Grayrock Road. With a commuter permit you can park in any space in the commuter lot. The first few spaces in the northern area of the commuter lot are permit or metered, and the balance are permit only. The lot is a great option if you live in the northern area of Garth Road, as the pedestrian stairway is quite close. Rates can be obtained through the Town of Eastchester.

There is metered parking in the commercial area of Garth Road and Grayrock Road. The meters have a two hour limit, and parking is 25 cents per 15 minutes ($1/hour). Be mindful to Monday and Tuesday street cleaning rules, as they are strictly enforced! Meters are not in affect Sundays and Holidays. Garth Road is one of the few areas in town where vehicles do not have to be moved off the street during the winter months.

Town Holidays are New Year’s Day, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

The Village of Scarsdale is close by and there are a few options here. Along Garth Road, Scarsdale parking meters begin at 8am and operate till 7pm. Vehicles are not allowed overnight parking in the winter months.

Scarsdale’s “Freightway” garage is located behind Slice Pizza and is accessible in several locations, including the driveway on Garth Road. Permits are issued by the Village of Scarsdale, and are yearly. Garth Road residents are given preference and permits are generally available for 24-hour parking. Current rates and availability can be obtained through the Village of Scarsdale. The permit only Beatty Lot is next to the Freightway Garage. Both Freightway Garage and the Beatty Lot offer evening (after 6pm) and weekend parking. During the week you cannot park overnight in Freightway or the Beatty Lot, but on weekends you can park overnight in Freightway Garage.

There are some private parking options. Scarsdale Commons Rental building has spaces outside and makes them available for a fee to Garth Road Residents. Rates vary, depending on the season. There is also a private garage at 132 Garth Road. A number is posted that can be contacted for rates and availability.

Parking for Persons with Disabilities: Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act the town maintains several spaces in the area reserved for persons with disabilities. These spaces require a permit, and anyone violating the law will be subject to a summons or towing.

To obtain a Parking Permit from the Town of Eastchester, contact the Village Clerk, 40 Mill Road, Eastchester, NY 10709. They may be called at (914) 771-3350.