I have a dog. Can I buy a Garth Road Co-op?

The only building that will accept a dog is 143 Garth Road, Colchester Hall. Weight restrictions and other conditions apply. The rental buildings, Scarswold, Eton Lodge and Scarsdale Common will accept a dog.


I have a cat. Can I buy on Garth Road?

This is a bit more complicated. Cats will generally be allowed in the Northgate, Eton Hall, Colchester Hall, The Thornycroft, Garth Woods, The Buckingham, and The Kenilworth. You may see cats in other buildings, but they are “officially” not allowed. Contact us for specifics on building pet policies.


I’d like to buy an apartment on Garth Road as an investment and rent it out right away. Can I do this?

Not going to happen! None of the buildings will allow individuals to buy as an investment. If you are looking for investment property contact us about condos.


Is renting allowed in any Garth Road buildings, after I have lived in the building?

The sublet policy varies from building to building. Most buildings have very little renting allowed, and generally two years of residency is required. Some do not allow renting at all, and others will allow it in case of hardship. Buildings like the Northgate allow renting up to five years, with restrictions, and only after two years of residency. The Kenilworth allows renting after two years of residency. Contact us for details on the building’s sublet policies.


I’d like a terrace. Which buildings should I consider?

Only The Garth Essex (230, 240, 250, 260 Garth Road) and Garth Manor (281 Garth Road) have terraces. Eton Hall, Colchester Hall and The Buckingham have large patios off their lobbies. The Thornycroft has a very large backyard!


I’d like a washer and dryer in my apartment. Which building should I consider?

Sorry, none! The best option would be Garth Essex and Garth Manor. Laundry rooms are on the floor.


Which building has the shortest wait for parking?

Consider Garth Essex or the Kenilworth. The wait in either of these buildings is a few moths to about a year. Generally renters are NOT allowed parking in these buildings. It is reserved for residents.


I’d like to be close to the park.

Consider Garth Essex, Garth Manor or The Buckingham. They are close to the park. If being close to the shops is important to you consider the Northgate, Eton Lodge (rental), Eton Hall, Colchester Hall, or the Kenilworth.


I’d like to live on the top floor. Can you tell me the top floor in the buildings?

Most buildings are 6 stories. In the Garth Essex the top floor for 230 is (8) for 240 (7) for 250 (7) and for 260 (8). Most others the 6th floor is the highest.


I have three cars. Can I get a parking permit for all three?

As long as you are a valid Garth Road resident, and all three are registered to you, you can obtain permits for all of them. Permits are not issued if there are any outstanding tickets or violations. There is no wait list for Garth Road parking permits. See our section on Garth Road parking.


Can I get the STAR program for my Garth Road co-op?

Yes, as long as it is your primary residence. The STAR discount may vary, but is generally around $120/mo. Greater savings will be applied for Seniors and Veterans. Contact the Town of Eastchester for details on the STAR program.


I notice that all the buildings have a minimum down payment required. Can I do less than the required amount?

Most buildings on Garth Road require 20% down, and a few require more. The Northgate and Kenilworth will accept 10%, The Garth Essex is 25% and The Cragswold is 50%. Because this is a requirement buildings will not allow buyers to put less down. Most purchasers would put down an escrow of 10% with the balance paid at closing.


Can I renovate my apartment, like a new kitchen or bath?

Absolutely! Most buildings will require you to fill out a capital improvement form, and will want to insure that your contractors are licensed and insured. Most buildings require that plans be approved by the Board and/or management. Most require that permits be obtained from the Town of Eastchester. Buildings also have restrictions on hours that can be worked and regulations on removal of debris.


What is the board looking for in my application to buy or rent on Garth Road?

Boards will look to your income, liabilities (like credit cards, student loans or other mortgages) credit report and credit score. They will strictly review your financials including assets and liabilities. Boards will look at your savings after closing. They will consider how many people will live in the apartment and whether you own any other properties. There are many factors in Board reviews so feel free to contact us and we can pre-screen your qualifications.