I first met Brian Egli in late January of 2021 when I inquired about an active listing. Brian was one of the very few agents that responded to my many inquiries regarding different apartment listings. When Brian introduced himself he also asked me what I was looking for, needs vs. wants, budget and area of concentration. He then quickly generated a list of apartments that I may be interested in that fit all of my criteria’s. We visited a few and although these were not “the one” for me he was extremely patient and assured me that we would keep working together until we found one.

On countless evenings I would send Brian long lists of apartment listings that I would find and ask him to see if they met my most restricting criteria which was an apartment that accepted 10% down. He would quickly respond with the ones that met and followed by when would you like to schedule a visit. At first I thought this would be my most challenging task given that I worked two jobs and I was sure that Brian had other responsibilities and clients but whenever I proposed a day and time, he would return with a confirmation for the visit. It truly made me feel like I was a priority.

Brian always responded to my phone calls and emails extremely quickly and coherently. He took the time out to explain things that I was not familiar with as a first time home buyer. And needless to say we did these visits at the height of COVID and at no point did I feel unsafe. He followed all protocols and had me fill out the necessary disclosures and screening forms prior to visiting the apartments.

Brian in no way shape or form ever made me feel pressured to make a decision. In mid February we visited one of the listings that I had sent Brian and felt like this was the one. We visited the apartment on a number of occasions and again he never made me feel like an inconvenience. He carefully walked me though the process of putting in an offer, working with my bank (which was quite challenging) and finally the closing.

It was quite a pleasure working with Brian and I am pleased to say that I am beyond happy in my new home!

Glorivee Rojas