This letter will serve as my very high letter of recommendation for Principal Broker Barry Kramer. He assisted my wife and me with the purchase of our first property in Eastchester, NY in August 2020. I have worked with many real estate brokers and agents over the years and can say with confidence that Barry is the best Agent/ Broker I have ever used.

Barry has the qualities that make him an extremely successful and effective broker. I can’t say enough about his professionalism and knowledge within the industry. He has high integrity and is very conscientious and tenacious, always keeping the clients best interests in mind. He gets to the point quickly yet professionally, always respecting the clients time. He does a great job of listening to his client’s needs and does not waste time showing properties which do not meet the client’s objectives. He does research to assist with assessing a fair market value of the property for the offer and then negotiates effectively with the opposing broker on behalf of the client. He is extremely responsive to questions, often responding immediately to our late night emails after midnight. He shows great attention to the details enabling the transaction to get done. I have the highest level of confidence in him. Our purchase went very smoothly and we closed on time.

I also would not hesitate to use him as my listing agent if I were selling a property. He is very smart and friendly. I have the highest level of confidence in him and feel he would be able to properly assess any situation and figure out an effective solution. I highly recommend Westchester Choice Realty and Barry Kramer as a Broker.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to email or talk with prospective clients to provide feedback on our very positive experience.